From Reality Television To Real Life: The Law And You

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From Reality Television To Real Life: The Law And You

Do you watch police and border security reality shows? I rarely watch television but never miss an episode when these are on. I am intrigued by the motivations of people who break the law and even more curious about the punishments they receive. I research the relevant laws after an episode finishes and have become quite the bush lawyer! Through research, I have noticed that laws related to an offence like dangerous driving can vary in our different states and territories. I realise that most people are time poor and do not have the opportunity to explore our laws in detail. I started this blog with the intention of giving you some insights into your rights and responsibilities under Australian law. First and foremost, I hope you find these scribblings to be entertaining. I will be extra pleased if you find some useful information. This blog is now in session.


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Different Types of Australian Visas: Which One Do You Need?

Over the years, Australia has developed a visa system to allow people to emigrate to the country to work, visit on holiday, or to allow younger people the chance to live and work in Australia for a short time. This visa system not only vets the people who come in to make sure they are legal to enter the country, it also has measures in place to ensure that the people who are staying for an extended time have jobs and work to do. This article may be of help to those deciding which visa is right for them. Let's look at the three types mentioned here.

Vacation Visa

When visiting Australia for a vacation, you must still apply for a visa. Although this may sound complicated, it is all done online, through forms, and is a fairly standard process to go through. Visas are arranged for the duration of your holiday, and sent to you to print out. On occasion, some countries' residents will not be permitted to enter Australia; check that you can get a holiday visa before applying.

Working Holiday Visa

Decades ago, so many young people were visiting Australia after their education (and before serious employment) that the local economies were given a noticeable financial boost. This opportunity was monitored and changed by the Australian government so that youngsters could go and live in the country as long as they had either money or employment to support them.

Nowadays, it is common for a young person to live in Australia's sunny climate for a couple of years before returning home to work. Visas for working holidays come with several conditions. You must show that you have the means to buy a flight out of Australia after your visa expires, or you must be prepared to stay in the communities (if you do not have an employer sponsor) which pay young people to pick soft fruits, thereby earning some money.

Living and Working Visa

These are perhaps the most difficult visas to get. After applying for a living and working in Australia visa, a lengthy process is initiated. During this time, you will be required to show qualifications, and take tests relating to that work. Your visas—six of them in total—are updated as you progress through the tests. You must also involve an employer, who in many cases, sponsors your application, paying some costs and guaranteeing you a job.

Depending on the social or economic state of the Australia, conditions and pass scores can change in all visa applications, to allow the country to better control these areas. To make the application process easier, consult with services such as The Immigration Group Pty Ltd.