From Reality Television To Real Life: The Law And You

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From Reality Television To Real Life: The Law And You

Do you watch police and border security reality shows? I rarely watch television but never miss an episode when these are on. I am intrigued by the motivations of people who break the law and even more curious about the punishments they receive. I research the relevant laws after an episode finishes and have become quite the bush lawyer! Through research, I have noticed that laws related to an offence like dangerous driving can vary in our different states and territories. I realise that most people are time poor and do not have the opportunity to explore our laws in detail. I started this blog with the intention of giving you some insights into your rights and responsibilities under Australian law. First and foremost, I hope you find these scribblings to be entertaining. I will be extra pleased if you find some useful information. This blog is now in session.


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Why Local Conveyancers Are More Viable Than Online Conveyancers

When you're about to make the most expensive purchase of your life, choosing a cheap conveyancer may seem logical. With a recent surge of online conveyancing companies cutting prices far below the industry norm and websites offering "do it yourself conveyancing guides," it can be tempting to cut corners and look to the Internet. However, conveyancing isn't a simple case of knowing the area and ticking the right boxes. Every house is different; therefore, every assessment should yield a different result.

When hundreds of thousands are at stake, don't take any chances. Hiring a reputable conveyancing service is simply a part of the process. Failure to choose a decent lawyer to oversee the legalities could not only result in delays, but could prove to be a costly mistake.

Greater Local Knowledge

Local conveyancers have local knowledge. If they've been in the business for a long time, they've probably dealt with properties in your area before. This could limit the time spent making irrelevant enquiries, allowing them to focus on the real issues. In addition, they'll know what's typical of your area. For example, if it's renowned for having noisy neighbours or residents that regularly dispute property boundaries.

Similar Prices

By the time online conveyancers factor in disbursement costs – hiring a licensed professional to perform a pest inspection, spending time researching the locality, compiling legal documentation – their initial quote will inevitably rise. This could eventually make them just as expensive as a local conveyancer.

No Delays

When you have a local conveyancer and need to sign or deliver documents, you can simply walk into their office. Online conveyancers will need to send you documents in the post, and then wait for them to return before they can move forward. When buying or selling a home, timing can make or break the sale. Having a lawyer within close proximity can really speed things along.

Option to Meet and Greet

Having the option to meet and greet your lawyer is a blessing. Handing over hundreds, possibly thousands, to a stranger without speaking to them face-to-face or having any real communication beyond the telephone is a risky move. Nothing will give you greater confidence and peace of mind than a good old fashioned meeting.

Whether you're buying or selling a home, time, finances and your own personal sanity will no doubt be in short supply. Local conveyancing can help ease the burden of all three.