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From Reality Television To Real Life: The Law And You

Do you watch police and border security reality shows? I rarely watch television but never miss an episode when these are on. I am intrigued by the motivations of people who break the law and even more curious about the punishments they receive. I research the relevant laws after an episode finishes and have become quite the bush lawyer! Through research, I have noticed that laws related to an offence like dangerous driving can vary in our different states and territories. I realise that most people are time poor and do not have the opportunity to explore our laws in detail. I started this blog with the intention of giving you some insights into your rights and responsibilities under Australian law. First and foremost, I hope you find these scribblings to be entertaining. I will be extra pleased if you find some useful information. This blog is now in session.


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How to Overcome Resistance When Claiming Compensation

When you sustain a significant injury, it can feel as if the moment is frozen in time. Often people say that everything seems to move in slow motion, as they come to grips with what has just happened. You may not know what to do at such a traumatic time, especially if you are unlucky enough to be by yourself in the moment. Yet somehow, you've got to pay attention, as this may well have a bearing on future events.

Not Always Straightforward

You may be aware that the workers' compensation scheme provides support for those who have been injured in an incident at work, but it is not necessarily a straightforward process. You have to be able to provide information and a level of proof to support any claim if the insurers are going to pay without significant delay.

Talking to the Doctor

At the very least, you should take some mental notes to describe the timeline leading up to and through the incident. It's best if you can commit these to paper if you're able to, as your memory may fade with time otherwise.

If the injury was serious and you had to visit an emergency care facility, then you will have received good support from the professionals there and will have some paperwork as a result. However, it's likely that the next person you see will be your GP, and you need to make sure that they take a comprehensive history of the event as principle evidence.

Detail Is Important

Refer to your notes and give the doctor all the details, no matter how unimportant they may seem to be at the time. After all, you never know what will happen as a result of the incident, and you may sustain some additional issues linked to the injury at a later date. In this case, the more detail you give to the doctor, the better off you will be, especially if it comes to an extension of compensation down the road.

Pre-Existing Clarity

Some people may have a pre-existing condition that did not, ostensibly, affect their ability to do their work. However, you should always document the nature of the workplace incident carefully with that in mind. You should make sure that the doctor is aware and that you both agree that it did not contribute in any way to the accident in question. Otherwise, an insurance company investigator may try and link the two in some way in order to reduce the amount of exposure and the sum that is paid to you.

Breaking through Resistance

If you find that you are running into a wall when trying to claim compensation that is due, take action. In some cases this can be a tougher struggle than it needs to be, but you can always get professional help to get you through it. Talk with a compensation lawyer without any further delay.